How much time do I have to allow for the project?

We assume that a maximum of 8 hours / month should be spent on moderated sessions within the Design Networking Hub. This includes lectures, webinars, coordination with the project team, mentoring by experts, documentation of the projects and general correspondence. In addition, there is the time that each designer or architect invests in the individual project that will be created as part of the Design Networking Hub. Assisted by a large network of experts and supporters, each international project team has to develop and promote a product, business idea or non-profit concept.

Can I continue my own work as well as work in the project?

Yes, by all means.

What is the rough schedule / timetable of the project?

The time frame currently exists only in outline as we would like to tailor the programme very much to the needs of the participants in the pilot group. The first small digital get-together will be organised in July. The project will end in December 2022 with a final presentation in Kenya (pandemic situation in both countries permitting). Participants are free to organise their time as they wish during the course of the project. In addition to the time needed to work on the relevant concepts, joint online meetings (concept discussions, reflection rounds, input lectures, etc.) will take place at regular intervals and as needed.

Phase I (July and August 2021)

  • Getting to know each other
  • Online lectures
  • Setting up German-Kenyan teams

Phase II (September 2021 - September 2022)

  • Face-to-face event in Germany or, if necessary, digitally
  • Conceptual design and implementation of project ideas
  • Webinar programme
  • Further training on specific issues, reflection rounds, interaction, assistance, synergies and networking
  • Travel to the target country (Germany / Kenya)

Phase III (October 2022)

  • Face-to-face event in Kenya or, if necessary, digitally    
  • Presentation of the results / concepts / products

Can I participate without a degree?

The programme is aimed at designers and architects who hold at least a Bachelor's degree. If you will receive your Bachelor's degree during 2021, you can apply with your transcript of records.

Can I apply even though I am still studying?

Yes, if you are studying for your Master's degree or will receive your Bachelor's degree during 2021.

Can teams also apply?

Yes, teams of designers / architects can also apply. In the case of existing teams, however, a contact person / participant should be clearly defined for the project and there must obviously be a willingness to work on an idea in a team with at least one other designer or architect from the partner country. Meeting as equals is very important to us. An individual working with an existing group must be involved on an equal footing with the members of the existing group.

As the trip to the other country is only possible for a total of 10 people, an existing team must nominate a representative to make the trip.

Can fashion designers apply?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

What does the Hub offer participants?

With this project, we want to bring young German and Kenyan designers and architects together to work on joint projects. We provide support in the form of know-how, experts / mentors from among practising architects and designers and our network.

The participants of the pilot group are supervised and supported by the team of the Design Networking Hub

  • in the process of getting to know each other, team building and team formation,
  • through the organisation of online seminars / lectures, the provision of necessary information and interaction on different topics relating to the project and product development,
  • organising travel and covering travel costs: every participant will have the opportunity to travel to the other country (Germany / Kenya) during the course of the project to meet project partners and visit companies / institutions / trade fairs,
  • with a joint kick-off event for all participants in September in Germany and a final event in October 2022 in Kenya (if the pandemic situation in both countries allows).

Must the participants pay for travel to the destination country (Germany / Kenya)?

Travel costs to the destination country will be covered by arrangement.
Every participant will have the opportunity to travel to the other country (Germany / Kenya) during the course of the project to meet project partners and visit companies / institutions / trade fairs.